Friday, August 26, 2005

It's the idea of it

I have many hobbies and many interests. My interests outnumber my actual hobbies and that's probably a good thing that they are just thoughts and I haven't turned them into hobbies. Yet. It's so tempting to try something new. In some cases it may just be the idea of the new hobby that interests me because I don't have time or space for the hobbies I actually do. My main hobby-time right now is spent on sewing and knitting, with sewing far exceeding knitting in terms of actual projects completed and stash and supplies for new projects. But knitting and the other hobbies are close behind. I consider a hobby anything I do, have tried and want to do again, and especially hobbies for which I've bought equipment and supplies. I'm not saying I'm good at any of them and I certainly don't have ongoing projects for most of my hobbies, but I try. Here's the list:

  • sewing: clothing, quilts, home dec, doll clothes and toys
  • knitting: hand and machine
  • crochet (I tried it and in addition to my knitting yarn stash, I have crochet cotton to make lace)
  • embroidery: hand and machine (including making computer digitized designs)
  • needlepoint
  • cross stitch
  • scrapbooking
  • rubber stamps (for greeting cards and scrapbook)
  • computer art (primarily for greeting cards)
  • jewelry making
  • stenciling
  • general art: watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil, paper collage
  • dollhouse miniatures
  • polymer clay (ok, not quite a hobby...yet, but I purchased a multi-color pack of Sculpey intending to try it out)
  • fabric painting (ok, also not quite a hobby yet but I have all the materials on hand to do it)
  • photography
  • gardening
  • home improvement (we're talking redoing the kitchen ourselves kind of stuff)
  • woodworking (most is in conjunction with home improvement but I learned to use the scroll saw at 9 years old and inherited most of my dad's and grandfather's machinery)
And if that's not enough, these are the things I've thought about doing:
  • weaving (very tempted after seeing some gorgeous woven scarves)
  • bobbin lacemaking
  • stained glass
  • screen printing (isn't this a nifty kit?)
  • pottery
  • candlemaking
  • soapmaking

I know I'm going to be coming back to this post to update it because everytime I go to post it I come up with yet another hobby or wanna-be hobby.

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