Tuesday, October 18, 2005


So many projects. So many projects.

These are just the home dec things I want to get done...someday.

  1. Hem and join (via velcro so I can wash them later) blue velvet IKEA drapes for family room sliding door
  2. Pillows using these fun low pile fabrics:

  3. Valence for family room sliding door
  4. Dining room drapes
  5. Storage ottoman - Butterick 4677, the cube style one, covered in this ostrich skin pleather:

  6. Finish faux fur throw - will definitely want this when we have the heat turned way down this winter to avoid monstrous natural gas bills.
  7. Guest room drapes
  8. Living room drapes - but first we have to redo the living room walls, floor and lighting.

Hmmm...one would think our house is quite drape-less due to my procrastination in getting these home dec projects done. Well, at least there are shades on the windows. So when are these going to get done with Christmas around the corner? Yes, I have a Christmas gift project list but for obvious reasons I can't post it here!

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