Friday, January 13, 2006

So what's wrong with sewing your own clothes?

In today's Life Magazine newspaper insert there was an interview with Q'Orianka Kilcher, the actress playing Pocahontas in the movie The New World. The interviewer asked:

"Word is you like to sew your own clothes. Are you worried what Joan Rivers might say on the red carpet?"

The 15 year old actress said, "Oh, I'll just smile at her and tell her how lovely she looks."
Good for her.
Why do people assume if you sew your own clothing it must look like a 7th grade home ec project? And what a thing for the interviewer, Brantley Bardin, to say to a young girl. But I guess if she's in a business where she is constantly critiqued for her looks then she'll get used to harsh comments about her. Even if the comments are a dig at her sewing.

And speaking of celebrities getting harsh comments on their looks, Mr. Blackwell announced that Brittany Spears was the worst dressed start of 2005. Was anyone surprised? I especially liked his description of her as an "over-the- hill Lolita."

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  1. Well I am no fan of Britney Spears so can't comment there. I do find it interesting though that Mr. Blackwell is way more famous for criticizing other people's looks than designing his own. I heard him described once as a wanna-be and it seems like that is probably true. On another note, my daughter told me today that Q'Orianka (sp?) Kilcher is the cousin of singer Jewel. We saw the trailer of her new movie during previews of "Memoirs of a Geisha".