Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bad blogger

Yes, I'm not a good blogger. I have been sewing and knitting but have not posted because I wanted to include pictures. But I haven't taken any pictures and so I have none to post. However, before this blog goes too long without any activity, I'll update you (without pictures), as to what I'm up to.

The dress is almost complete. I just have to sew the bodice to the skirt, insert the zipper, and hem the sleeves and skirt. The wedding is Sunday so I still have time. I just hope it fits.

I've just about finished knitting my UFO sweater. The front, back and sleeves are knit so now I need to block everything, sew the seams, and pick up and knit stitches around the neck. I picked up the Elsebeth Lavold Liv sweater to work on but discovered an error. I'll need to frog a bit but since there are cables, I'm scared to do it. I have a knitting meetup tonight, so I'm hoping to get some help or just encouragement to go ahead and do it.

Last weekend I hosted the BABES (Bay Area Bash Expressly for Sewists), a group of fun women I met through patternreview. We first went to a mini fabric show - a Stretch and Sew store comes to the area every few weeks with a trailer full of their knits. Yes, I bought fabric. It's a sickness I tell you! Soon I'll need to drive my trailer to hotels to sell off my fabric! Six of us met (and shopped!) plus I ran into my ASG neighborhood group leader, so I invited her to join us after. Back at our house, my husband did me proud. He made bruschetta, hummus, squeezed lemons from our tree to make lemonade, and then even fired up the espresso machine and took orders for cappucinnos. He was a hit with my friends! We had a lovely time eating, sharing, chatting, and swapping. I found a new home for 2 years of Sew News magazines, 3 yards of fabric, some buttons, and a few patterns. I took in one pattern and some printouts of sewing tips.

I'd love to find more time to sew in the next couple months but now that the rain has been replaced by warm, sunny skies, it's going to be hard to fit it in around the much-needed yard work on the weekends. We are looking forward to some weekend trips and a two-week vacation as well. I was hoping to sew some new things for the big trip - we're going to France with a stopover in Iceland on the way. I'm already planning on knitting socks as my in-flight knitting project.

Sorry there are no pictures of the dress or the UFO sweater. I also didn't take any pictures at BABES, but maybe neefer will post some.


  1. Hi, how long have you been knitting for, I am interested in taking up knitting? It must be really relaxing? I have to start soon, I always say that I'm going to start, but never do.

  2. Hi designgal! I tought myself to knit about 20 years ago however I knit sporadically over the years since. The resurgence in knitting made me decide to try it again. I do find knitting relaxing - in fact when I taught myself I was a senior in college, deep into my engineering studies and knitting helped to "turn my brain off" from the constant thinking and stress of school. I also enjoy the tactile feel of knitting and the creation of unique item.

  3. That Stretch and Sew store sounds fabulous! I wonder if they come to Oregon ...

  4. Sounded like a fun gathering of some PR friends.

  5. Hi Lori... I searched your blog for an email address, but found none, so I'm obliged to get back to you regarding our 'Cronefest' here. I'm not sure if you picked up on it or not, but that group is pretty much all about infertility. I haven't been able to gather from your blog (because I haven't had time to read it, unfortunately) whether you are dealing with that or not. If you are, you are more than welcome to join us. If you're not however, I'm afraid I'm going to have to say that this is a 'closed' event. Many of the women who are dealing with this are pretty sensitive about things like privacy, etc. I hope you will understand if it turns out you can't join us.

    And if you can't, I hope I can find some time to actually read your blog. I love knitting and wish I had more time to do that. You would probably inspire me to do so.

    Feel free to email me regarding all this at coloraturadreams (at) gmail (dot) com. Cheers.

  6. Hey, Lori,

    I hope everything went well after the froggery on Wednesday. I can't wait to see Liv in action, that sweater is going to be so fabulous. Good luck with the dress for Sunday. See you soon!

    - m