Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scenes from Iceland

I finally uploaded some photos from my trip to Iceland last July. Click here to view all of them on Flickr.



  1. DH is all upset because there is a scheduled customer visit to Iceland and he can't go. I hope you post more photos, I would love to see them.

  2. Okay, I just checked out your flicker photos. Beautiful! It looks like a great place to visit.

  3. julianna5:19 PM

    This is the one I was talking about

    It looks like the water has carved different levels in the earth - like steps -

  4. Julianna - that photo is of a waterfall and yes, I guess the water has carved out steps. There were quite a few levels to the waterfall and we could walk out to another portion of it. I took some photos from there as well but it just looked like rapids, and not a waterfall.

  5. hey Lori,
    thanks so much for your tip on my knitting dilemma!
    that seems right to me - I cant wait to try it!
    and now to ogle your iceland pics- always wanted to go there-