Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Janet tagged me with the "6 weird things about." Actually I was tagged with this before by Tini and I let it slip and didn't play. I'll play this time.

1. I can put my arms on backwards. Well not really but it looks that way. I'm quite flexible and can put my hands on my hips and rotate my elbows out in front of me until my arms look like they're on backwards.

2. For an entire year I was obsessed with doing the LA Times crossword puzzle everyday. So much so that if I didn't do it during the day I would do it before I went to bed. I was obsessed I tell you! I even caught a day where they re-used a puzzle they'd already run.

3. I have coughing fits for no apparent reason. This, like the flexible joints, is an odd trait I share with my mother and sisters. The coughing will just happen, sometimes while eating and sometimes not. People think I'm choking but I'm really ok, just coughing.

4. I can write backwards really easily. In 8th grade my best friend and I used to exchange notes to each other all written backwards. It's probably because we're both left handed. Leonardo di Vinci also wrote backwards and he was left handed.

5. I must drink chocolate milk with my breakfast. I mix one teaspoon of Nestles Quik and one teaspoon of Ovaltine in a tall glass of skim milk. I've even gotten my husband hooked on this one except he generally only indulges on the weekends.

6. I "see" words spelled out in letters when I hear them. This is probably why I'm lousy at listening and interpreting speeches, lectures, or even when people speak to me. I'm busy reading the words and not really interpreting them. I'm also having a tough time learning foreign languages. I don't know if it's possible to train myself to not do this but I wish I could.

I'm not going to tag anyone with this. If you want to play, please do! But I know many of the blogs I read have already done the "6 weird things."

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