Monday, April 02, 2007

Past, present, and future


The "niece" sweaters are on their way to my nieces. Here's a picture of the finished doll outfit (click for bigger):

In work

I've made some progress on the Burda jacket but decided to put it aside so I can work on some things for warmer weather. I always seem to be behind by a season with my sewing projects and since there's no deadline for this jacket, I think it's best to leave it be until August or September. Here's the jacket so far - the zipper is the next thing to do (the jacket doesn't have two collars, the upper and lower pieces aren't sewn together yet):


So instead of the jacket, I plan to work on a summer top. I think I'll make the short sleeve version (view c), shown in the bottom right view, using the Emmaonesock fabric on the right. I plan to use the white fabric on the left for the neckline trim, or I may just use more of the pink swirly fabric instead.

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