Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day off

We took Monday off and went to the beach. Now I'm a Jersey Girl, and for me the beach was "the shore" and it meant soft sand, warm ocean water, jelly fish (yuck), lifeguards, claiming a spot on the beach amidst the shoebies, the radio tuned to a pop-rock station, sandcastles, airplanes pulling advertising banners, and of course the boardwalk (saltwater taffy, fudge, t-shirt shops, pork roll...don't get me started!). Well now I live in northern California and the beach here is a totally different experience. It's beautiful and the beach we went to (Greyhound Rock) was nearly deserted on this Monday afternoon in July. We had a nice picnic lunch, a little nap, and a long walk. Here are some pictures. You can see some more on my Flickr site.



California coast


  1. How beautiful. Thanks for the photos, I have never been to that part of the coast. I just might have to plan a trip!

  2. You either take great pictures or have a great camera that takes great pictures. Or both! Thanks for sharing.