Monday, September 24, 2007

Back home again

I've actually been back almost a week now but between jet lag, returning to work (ugh) and generally feeling a bit blah, I haven't had the desire or energy to blog about our trip.

I still don't feel 100% and since none of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures we took are uploaded to the internet yet, this blog entry won't be the Post-Paris report. I will say that the trip was wonderful, but then how could a trip to Paris not be? The weather was fantastic and the food was as delicious as I remembered. We're thinking of a return trip at Christmas.

I wore all of my PWAP items at least once and was glad to have brought some light summer tops I made as they were worn more often. I felt stylish and comfortable and happy to have spent the time making the PWAP clothes. I did by fabric at Reine but struck out finding any international sewing magazines other than a copy of "Fait Main", a French publication which has a few sewing patterns in it.

I'll post more later. There's lots more to talk about...and pictures to share!

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