Thursday, January 24, 2008

My first Etsy purchase

I've known about Etsy for a while. It's an online place where crafters and artisans can sell their wares, but I never really browsed it much. Because I make things I tend to look at other people's sewn and knit items and think "I can make that" rather than "I'd like to buy that." If I had unlimited funds and space in my house, I would love to support every artist in his or her craft, but that just isn't going to happen. However, I don't make jewelry and when I saw a beautiful pendant on Claudia's blog, I clicked my way to Ling Glass, the Etsy seller, and bought this glass pendant for myself:

I really like it and am very pleased with the workmanship. The pendant is about 1" square.

However, I will have to continue to refrain from browsing Etsy because I fear I could quickly go broke and fill up my house with lovely items. I saw another pendant on Ling's shop that was calling me, but I had to just say no. The downfall of online shopping is that it's just too easy to click the buttons and wait for the mailman to bring the goods. But I do love my new pendant and will wear it often.

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