Saturday, April 26, 2008

I couldn't help myself

I bought more fabric. But in my defense, it was 1) basic solid black and brown fabrics, which I find my stash is lacking (I seem to collect a lot of prints) and 2) it was 50% off. I stopped by Hancock Fabrics on the way home from work last night to delay joining the freeway traffic and also because they had McCall and Vogue patterns on sale. I was greeted with huge signs announcing a "Construction Sale" and lots of yellow 50% off signs atop the fabric aisles. I ignored the fabric (at first) and checked out the patterns, which were not 50% off but just the regular sale price, which is still really good. Since I'd just bought a bunch of Vogue patterns, I couldn't really find anything that I needed to have. McCalls didn't have much either but I did pick up McCalls 5591, which I didn't have but mentioned in one of my recent posts about making a basic, black skirt. But then I couldn't just go to the checkout and purchase one pattern, noooooo. I had to browse the fabric.

I ended up buying some black rayon and brown rayon and some solid brown ITY polyester stretch. The rayons will (hopefully one day) become skirts and with the ITY fabric, I hope to make this Burda top from the January issue of Burda World of Fasion. Because of the long ties, the top takes more than 2 yards of stretch fabric and I usually by only 1 1/2 to 2 yards to make a top. This is the dilemma of buying fabric without a specific project - sometimes you don't have enough and sometimes you don't have the right fabric.

I was also relieved to find that the construction sale was because the Hancocks store is remodeling and not closing. I asked the woman cutting my fabric and she said she's been asked that 25 times a day. We both joked that they need signs that say "no, we're not closing!" This Hancocks store is not the one closest to my house - there is one about a mile away. I'm always afraid that closer store will shut down. They survived when their only neighbor, Kmart, closed and Kohl's remodeled and moved into the adjoining structure. But the Hancocks store is looking rather ragged these days and I'm worried. I'm lucky to have multiple Joanns and Hancocks to choose from but I suppose that's the trade-off of living in a highly populated area.

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  1. I have to chuckle a bit, because I also went shopping last night to avoid dealing with the freeway. I went to World Market though, and ended up with a case of wine! Oh well, I'd been planning a re-stock anyway...

    Good for you for sticking to basics. They're surprising hard to find and always needed.