Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hot sewing

It didn't cool down all that much last night but with the windows open and the whole-house fan on, it was manageable. I actually finished a sewing project! No, not my Burda WOF jacket that only needs the snaps put on...I finished a baby blanket. I sewed the decorative stitching on my husband's co-worker's baby blanket #2. It gave me some fits because I used rayon embroidery thread in the bobbin, which I'd only filled halfway and then ran out 3/4 of the way through the perimeter of the blanket (drat!). Then I had trouble trying to get it stitching correctly, not to mention trying to match up the stitch pattern of little hearts. But it's done and now I can move on to other sewing projects! I might post a picture of the blanket tonight, but it's not all that interesting: picture baby-print flannel with hearts stitched in pink around the edge. Exciting.

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