Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Update on my projects

I'm *this* close to finishing the top for my outfit and will post pictures and reviews of all three pieces when the top is done. But I'm having some issues with hemming the sleeves on the top and I won't have any time in the next week or so to work on it so don't expect any pictures or reviews until late next week at the earliest. I thought I'd just turn the edge of the sleeve under and stitch it down (I plan to coverstitch), as it appears the pattern calls for - remember, the instructions are in French! But I guess I didn't add the seam allowances correctly. The sleeves are not separate pieces and are just little extensions on the front and back pieces, but somehow the transition from the 1/4 inch side seam to the 1/2 inch hem I wanted on the sleeves is not working out. I might explore what it would look like if I bound the sleeve edge, like I bound the neck edge. The top is the last piece to my outfit that consists of a tiered skirt, which was a UFO started 2 summers ago, and a knit bolero top. I really wanted to get them done to wear next week, but that's not looking likely with this sleeve problem.

It's football season (Go Nittany Lions!) so that means lots of knitting while the games are on. I'm almost finished the first of a pair of socks in the "Jaywalker" pattern. I know I should be seaming one of the almost-finished sweaters I knit but I hate seaming.

I may have a lot more time on my hands over the next few months, which would be a good thing. I have so many projects and it'll be nice to have time to work on them. Maybe I'll actually get those sweaters finished!

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