Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Where in the world?

We have our airline tickets for a 2-week trip next month! Yippee! So where are we going?

  • we've never been there before
  • it's an 11 hour, nonstop flight from San Francisco
  • we'll be lost and unable to translate any street signs unless they're in English
  • as much as we like to not stand out as tourists when we travel, it will be nearly impossible to do so
  • I will probably come home with fabric...likely to be silk
  • I will probably come home with some sewing notions that I can't buy here at home
  • we will likely eat fish for many of the meals
  • the train will be a fast (very fast) form of transportation
  • it's likely to be very warm this time of year

So where do you think it is?


  1. haha Japan for sure! Have a fab time.

  2. Japan! Have a wonderful time and wear shoes you can slip in and out of easily!