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The guest room/sewing room #2 renovations continue. We painted last weekend (3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint) but it turns out the guy doing the drywall wasn't quite finished. Ugh. Fortunately it's only affected one wall. We thought the window just needed trim but actually it needed drywall to finish the opening. So now there's a bit more primer and paint to do. Fortunately we have plenty of paint left over. The contractor is going to start working on the closet next week and either this weekend or next we'll get to the floors.

In the meantime I've been thinking about what I'll be sewing when the room is done and I can get both sewing room #1 and #2 back in order. Unfortunately it will be home dec. It's unfortunate because I am not very fond of home dec sewing. I hate wrestling with the large pieces of fabric. But since I can save so much money by doing it myself, I think I should do it. Originally I thought I would splurge and have someone make the Roman shades but I'm guessing that they'd cost around $400 or more. Am I right?

Here's the list, probably in order of priority:
  1. Roman shades for French doors in guest room
  2. Curtain for window in guest room
  3. Window seat cushion for master bedroom
  4. Duvet cover for daybed in guest room
  5. Pillows for daybed
  6. Pillows for window seat
  7. Curtain for master bathroom window
  8. Curtain for hallway bathroom window
I'm afraid I have to buy fabric for items 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8. Yup. I have to go fabric shopping. I really do wish I could use some of my stash but it's mostly full of wool, knit, and ITY jersey in 2-3 yards pieces. I do have some home dec fabric, some of which I purchased in Paris, of all places, but I don't think the colors will work since I bought those fabrics for a different room that was gold, brown, and green-toned. The walls of the guest room are grayish-purple. Had I gone with my second choice (and my husband's first choice) of green, then the fabrics would have worked. But I was feeling purple for this space...and I'm not repainting the walls. I should probably dig out the fabric just in case because it's been a long time since I've seen it and my memory of the colors might be different. And who knows, it might actually work. I'm always happily surprised when some orphaned piece of fabric in my stash matches perfectly with something else. Although I realize that's probably just a sign that I have way too much fabric.

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