Thursday, October 07, 2010

Runway-inspired knitting

From the 2010 Fall RTW (yes, ready to wear) collections:

A bit of fair isle.

D&G - Fall 2010

And if that doesn't suit you, how about a large misshapen poncho that seems to have picked up a few things along the way...worn with antlers.

 Topshop Unique - 2010 Fall

Or just a bobbled and cabled sweater...and really BIG antlers.

Topshop Unique - 2010 Fall


  1. Well at least you could make yourself an outfit straight from the runway...all that knitwear!

    Still, the antlers are probably a bit much, at least in CA, maybe in NY or London you could get away with it. And anyway - they would mess up your hair.

  2. I do like the final sweater. No antlers please!