Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where does Felix sleep?

Anywhere he wants.

On a box. Note the nice, soft blanket on the bed (for the cats) complete with cat toys. But no, the box is more comfortable.


In the sink...with the faucet poking into his side. He was sound asleep and snoring. Oh, and he doesn't have a big white "skunk" stripe - that's light coming in from the skylight.


And finally, on the fall centerpiece I just put together a few hours ago. Who knew that pumpkins and gourds made nice pillows?



  1. LOL! Cat do pretty much whatever they want to!

  2. I have never seen the gourd bed before. My furry friend like boxes and sinks too. Though Felix was smart to find a sink that contrasted with his coloring. We had an incident with a black cat in a black sink in the middle of the night when the person doesn't bother to turn on the lights to fill his drinking glass. This resulted in a unexpected cat bath and an adreniline rush wake up for the human.