Monday, April 01, 2013

Window shopping in Stuttgart

It was a lovely, sunny day in Stuttgart today, and all of the stores were closed for the Easter holiday, so I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to do some window shopping to see what the styles are for spring. Unfortunately the sunshine made it a little difficult to take pictures through the store windows, but maybe you can see the images ok.

Floral prints - and color - are everywhere! Blouses, skirts, dresses, pants...
I particularly like the use of black at least on the sleeves and sides of the dress (don't know if extends to the back), to tone down the print.

Hard to photograph with the sunshine, but there was a whole lot of floral going on here, including the backdrop.
I do like this jacket, but I would wonder how versatile it is. But if you're buying cheap "throw away" fashion then you don't care. I think this jacket was around 100 Euro - not cheap but not outrageous.

Lots of green - and prints.
I saw a surprising number of pants in prints.

This was a high end store - I think the jacket is about 1400 Euro. Those are some healthy shoulder pads in that jacket!

This was Zara - the printed jacket is a bit much, but oh my, what is that mannequin in the back wearing? A vest, a strip of fabric as a top and is that a super short skirt? It's actually shorts. Bleh. I don't think the pants on the front mannequin are all that attractive either. But next week Zara will have something else in the window.

There was other, non-print or brightly colored clothing. Here is your basic black dress with a beaded neckline. Very pretty. Too bad I couldn't get a better picture of it.  

I like the top of this white dress. It looks a bit odd with the no-hip mannequin, but I think the fabric detail of the top of the dress would do nicely to balance out a "real" woman's hips. (And yes, that's my reflection on the left, taking the picture with my cool, yellow Nokio Lumia 920 phone)

Another bad photo and it's not a display window so it's harder to see the dress, but I liked the seams on the front.

I believe this look is called "Lagenlook" - you'll have to look it up, I couldn't find a good site (in English) that explained it. Basically it's layering, but I think there can be a fine line between looking like you threw on lots of clothes because you're cold and looking chic. I do admire women who can pull this off.

Valentino made a table cloth and someone thought it was a skirt. Really. This is Valentino. You can't really see the texture of the fabric in this photo but to me it looked just like polyester table cloth. This store is high end but they have some pretty ugly things. I should have taken a photo of the harlequin print man's jacket in the other window.

Even though the tag on the dress clearly says Valentino", I had to check online to see if it really is and yes, here's a longer version. Still looks like a tablecloth.

Frühlingfest is coming up and it's time to get those Dirndls and Lederhosen out! I am actually going to try to make one this year, using the patterns they publish in the September Burda issues that prompt people to wonder who would make and wear such things!

Remember when ripped and torn jeans became fashionable and people paid a lot of money to buy "new" ripped and torn jeans. Well now you can apparently buy scuffed up sneakers. I thought these shoes were a prop, but no, they are selling for 169 Euro, scuffed toes included.
I thought it was a mistake, but there were others. These have darkened impressions in the top where your toes would be. See what your money can buy you?
And speaking of what your money can buy you, I am not into designer purses. I can't understand why people pay so much for them. In Europe they often include the prices of the items in the window. I'll let you figure out what costs what at Louis Vuitton. The tall bags are about the size of a small shopping bag and the smaller clutches look about the size of pencil cases. Maybe they are pencil cases.

And finally, I'll leave you with this non-fashion-related display. I loved this "door" display. It looks like the sheep are just waiting to get out. And I love sheep.

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