Thursday, June 08, 2017

One more about Bulgaria but it's actually Italian

I always check out the news stands in the airports to see if there are any sewing pattern magazines. Not that I need anymore. I was surprised to see some La Mia Boutique magazines in the little news stand in the small Sofia airport. It was a special 2-pack of the March 2017 issue and an older issue from 2015.

And they are in Italian, not Bulgarian - yay! I don't really know Italian but at least it's closer to French, which I do understand, and not Bulgarian or Russian, which I would have expected to see. I can't make heads or tails of Cyrillic letters. They also had a copy of BurdaStyle, which was in German. Later on I passed another news stand, which also had these La Mia Boutique 2-packs and also a single issue. Maybe I should have bought that too, but I'm on a magazine diet - even though the price was incredible.

I paid 4.90 lev for both magazines. If you remember from my last post, 2 lev is about 1 euro. At the current exchange rate this works out to €1.25 or $1.40 per magazine! I do suspect that someone made a mistake because 4.90 happens to be what the price is in euros for the magazine in Italy. But the clerk scanned the bar code on the outer wrapper that enclosed the two magazines and she gave me back 15.10 lev in change from my 20 lev note, so 4.90 lev was what I paid.

Unfortunately there's not a whole lot that interests me in these issues since they mostly feature wedding and formal wear, but there there are a few things. I'll add them to my collection.

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