Monday, August 28, 2017

Two of two

I finished the second top today. They're getting easier.

The funny thing about this top is that although it looks very coordinated in the picture, the red in the stripe is brighter than the red in the bottom, which is more a burgundy color. I think this happens because the red stripe is next to dark gray so it reads darker. When I put the stripe fabric against the orange from the other top, the stripes looked overall redder to me and I didn't like the look, even though one of the stripes is orange and matches the solid orange fabric exactly.

And yes, I changed my mind and went with stripes on top. I went back and forth but decided that maybe I wouldn't like all the horizontal stripes across my already wide stomach and hips and perhaps the strips at the shoulders will balance out that wideness.


  1. And that's the fun of being your own designer! You can change your mind. Glad they are getting easier, and I like the stripes on the top

  2. Good decision with stripes on top - kinda loving both of them - Heather