Thursday, April 22, 2004


Yes, I am guilty. Guilty of buying more fabric when I said I wouldn't. But I shouldn't feel guilty and I'm not going to. I'm going through a tough period in my life (go read my other blog if want). The only guilt I feel is that my fabric takes up room in the house. But my husband doesn't complain about it (much) and most of the fabric is now stored in plastic bins in our cargo trailer. I am slowly sewing it, granted not at a rate equal to what I buy, but spending money on fabric is better than spending it on things that just collect dust or spending it on something that I only enjoy for a brief time and which don't create useful or lasting memories.

I've been reading some knitting blogs and the subject of stash guilt or buying guilt has been the current topic. I really like Cari's post on April 21. Her post helped me put things in perspective. I'm not spending the rent money or the food money or even the vacation money. My husband and I both have good jobs, a mortgage that's under control, vehicles that run and do not require trips to the mechanic, and plenty of toys. We don't want for anything - well, except a child (did you read my other blog?). But pledging to never buy a thread of fabric again will not bring us a baby. So I buy some fabric. So what. Some of it will turn into clothes that I can wear and be proud of, like the top I wore on Monday and the hoodie I plan to wear tomorrow. That feeling of accomplishment is certainly worth both the monetary cost and the space we relinquish to my stash. Buying fabric makes me happy.

Wazoodle. 12 yards.

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