Friday, April 09, 2004

No, not more!

Yes. I was bad. I heard emmaonesock was getting more fabric and I had to look. I bought 7 yards. Two and a half yards each of a gray rayon/poly/lycra and a brown rayon/poly/lycra for pants and one yard of this:


to make a long sleeve t-shirt with the sleeves out of a yard of black jersey from EOS. The little thumbnail doesn't really do it justice - the bigger picture looks better and I know this type of fabric and it'll be great.

Sewing plans this weekend: finish the hoodie. I'm contemplating taking out the hem and taking in the side seams. If I'm uncomfortable with the tent-like-ness of the bottom, I'll be uncomfortable wearing it and I probably won't wear it. I do want to wear this top. Next on the agenda is to make a t-shirt out of ugly fabric to see how the pattern is and then I want to actually use this fabric I've bought and make some springtime t-shirts.

But we need to finish sanding the hallway floor and then stain it and polyeurethane it. I also have bedding plants that have been sitting in their nursery pots for 2 weeks now. And I need to review my French before Monday's class. And there's laundry and I really should clean the bathroom...

Oh yeah, I haven't forgotten about my knitting - I just haven't pulled out the project bag. I'm sure there will be some TV this weekend, so I should remember to get the sweater out.

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