Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Shopping therapy

Yesterday I spent my lunch hour driving over to my HMO to get some medical records and of course the office was closed in observance of Martin Luther King Day. I was bummed to have wasted my time (why didn't I call first?) and since I was already out I figured I might as well stop into my favorite hobby store. I found this great book on making miniature food from Sculpy-type clay:

I also bought this cute miniature kit. It's plastic but I think it'll be fun to put together and will look great in my dollhouse or in a sewing room vignette :

And I also bought a teeny tiny iron to go with the ensemble.

While looking for an image of the sewing machine kit to post here I came across this website showing an adorable miniature needlework room. Here is another site with some amazing miniature needlework. This miniature furniture is awesome.

Too many hobbies. Not enough time.

1 comment:

  1. Damn..........I thought I was bad!

    You have out-done me in the multi-task department.

    This blog is dangerous for me! It makes me interested in even MORE crafts!