Monday, January 24, 2005

Still no sewing and crafting going on here!

The sewing/computer room is almost done. The furniture is all in place, except that the doors to my cabinet are still out of stock at IKEA. I'm slowly moving all my stuff back in - and oh my do I have stuff! I want to take pictures but I want the room to look finished (and neat) when I do, so it'll be a while. I'm out of town this weekend and most of next week so I'm afraid it'll be February before I get to it.

This weekend I finally packed away the Christmas stuff, well the majority of it anyway. I spent most of Saturday on the ice - and not the ice outside because it's not cold enough here for that. My husband and I went to our usual ice skating lessons on Saturday morning and then I attended a skating fund raiser for Luke and Laura Munana, a brother-sister ice dance team with dual US/Mexico citizenship. They're hoping to make it to the Olympics next year, representing Mexico. They are the Mexican National Champions and just won the senior-level International Ice Dance Cup in Vienna last week. In a few weeks they travel to Korea to compete at the Four Continents competition. Luke occasionally helps teach footwork skills to our Saturday morning group of adult skaters. He's quite talented and I'm very pleased to see that he and his sister are now training with former Olympic gold medalists Sergei Ponomarenko and Marina Klimova.

Between work, working out at the gym, skating, and oh yeah, sleeping and eating, there isn't much time left for knitting, sewing and crafting! Our endless home improvement projects don't help. Now that we have the "playroom" pretty much finished, we are turning our attention to the long awaited backsplash in the kitchen. We're going to tile it in travertine tiles to match the travertine floor. And typical for us, we're already discussing the next big project: the front of the house. The next bit project was going to be a complete redo of the master bedroom/bathroom/closet but the front of the house is looking neglected and downright awful. And it doesn't just need a good painting. The front is covered with brick and siding while the sides and back are stucco (the linked picture is 6 years old by the way). We have some old termite damage on some of the siding and of course since the house is almost 40 years old, we can no longer get siding to match. We'd like to replace the siding and brick with stucco... and while we're at it maybe we'll put in a bay window in the front. Ugh. Am I ever going to get back into the sewing room? Fortunately, my husband has agreed that redoing the front of the house is not a job we should tackle. Thank goodness!

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