Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Christmas traditions -

The elves that I grew up enjoying every Christmas now grace my mantel.



Krumkake, which are from my Norwegian heritage, and sugar cookies from my grandmother's recipe.


And then a new tradition. Last year I made toys for our four cats. This year I knit these toys for them from a pattern in Stitch and Bitch Nation:

Cat toys

They didn't get a very warm reception at first, despite the catnip inside:

And what are these?

Felix eventually decided they were ok:

He discovered the cat toy

But later Felix was not very happy when I tried out my new camera flash on him during his nap:

Not amused.

I never did get to the ornaments I was planning to make. I was going to embroider designs from the Rudolph TV show on felt, reversing one image to make them double sided. But my sewing machine cabinet broke. Broke! And in fussing with trying to fix it I just lost interest (and time) to get them done.

The cabinet, which was made by Horn of Australia, has a sewing machine lift consisting of a wire cable and pulleys, not the back-mounted hydraulic lift in every other cabinet I've every seen and now I know why! The plastic pulleys all disintegrated over the 6 years I've had the cabinet and I had no luck trying to get it fixed through my dealer and I didn't want to ship it to Australia to get it fixed. My husband and I fixed the mechanism ourself twice by replacing pulleys with screen door replacement wheels, which were nearly an identical match. But we never replaced all of them because the final pulley was a double wheel. Well, that last wheel finally broke to bits and our attempts to fix it failed. I am going to order a hydraulic sewing machine lift from and just replace the whole mechanism.

It's probably a good thing I am out of commission as far as sewing goes. We have drywall and floor refinishing and painting to do anyway.

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