Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Oh this day is not going well. First I had to return home after leaving this morning because I forgot my laptop and paperwork I needed for work and thus was late for a meeting. And now I just noticed the wool sweater I'm wearing has two moth holes on the sleeve. I really like this sweater and even though it wasn't handmade or expensive, I'm sad. I hope I can fix it somehow. The sweater looks like it's boiled-wool, but it's not. Since it already looks felted, I wonder if I can weave the holes closed - or fabric-glue them from the back, if that would work - and wash it. I hate dry cleaning because of the chemicals and the cost so I try not to buy garments that must be dry cleaned. I wash my silks and wools in a front loader, which seems to do ok for non-structured things, i.e., not suits. Fortunately I no longer wear suits to work.

The moths drive me nuts. We have cedar in our closet and we put out moth pheromone traps (which are empty by the way) and still, we find holes. I don't want to have to haul every piece of wool that can't be machine washed out to the cleaners but I'm afraid I may have to do that. I guess I have to go through the closet, inspect every piece of wool, and either discard it or get it cleaned/washed. Bleh.

And they sure better not get into my yarn or fabric stash!

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