Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I always seem to pick the expensive one

Fashion magazines sometimes will show a lineup of similar jackets or dresses or pants and I can always seem to pick the most expensive one. It just looks better. I don't know whether it's more fitted or there's more detail, but often (not always), I'll pick the one I like and read the fine print only to see that it's the one in the 4-digit range. The designer jacket trumps the Target knockoff nearly 100% of the time...even when Isaac Mizrahi designed the Target frock.

And so it is with cars. I've been sorta, kinda thinking about getting a little sporty convertible. Maybe it's my mid-life crisis or we're financially comfortable enough to splurge...or both. But I don't know what I want and I'm not convinced I should buy one anyway. But I can still look. I'm always looking around at what's out there when I'm driving around. There are a few that catch my eye but one day I spotted this gorgeous little dark blue convertible during my morning commute. I saw it again this morning and for about a minute I was behind it and got a good look. It was perfect. But oh...I can definitely spot the expensive one. It said "Vantage" on its beautifully curved rear end. As in Aston Martin. As in 007 James Bond. As in $150K. Ok, we're not that financially comfortable!

Sometimes I do pick the Target jacket, based on looks alone. But then I try it on and sadly decide to save my money for something that fits and feels better. I say "sadly" because who doesn't want to save money and still get something that looks good and has value? Take the Saturn Sky (aka Pontiac Solstice). Love the styling, love the price, but I don't like the interior and the fact that is has zilch in the way of storage space. And based on past experience, I'm not too keen on Saturn. So I'll keep looking. Looking for that beautiful blue convertible on my morning commute too.

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  1. Picking the "expensive one" without even seeing the price tag happens often to me too, when I'm buying clothes, lol