Thursday, May 14, 2015

But will I wear it?

So here are some photos. Minutes after I took these, it started to rain, so not the best lighting for this.

You can see the wrinkles on the side of the bust because there's too much fabric there.

The cat photobombed the picture and it turned out to be better than the others because my expression was relaxed. I need Felix to photobomb more often!

Looking at the birds in the trees also helps.

Some shots on the dress form:

The bust is only smooth if I pull up at the shoulders.
So the question...will I wear it? I modeled it wearing the Ottobre top I just made, and a pair of black leggings. I don't normally wear leggings but I feel that pants create too much bulk underneath. It's a bit of a different look for me, because lately my wardrobe is pretty much pants and t-shirt tops. Maybe I should make a dress to wear under it.

Here's my review of the pattern:

Pattern Description: Long cardigan with empire waist, flowing skirt and front ties.

Pattern Sizing: Sizes 36-44. I made a 44.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, I think so.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes and no. I chose to sew it up a little differently. I sewed the sleeves in before sewing the sleeve seam and side seam, which is how I normally sew them on knits, but the sleeve cap is a little high so it was a bit tricky to get the fabric eased in properly. I made the ties out of my fabric, which I think is much nicer than using bias tape. I used my serger for the seams and a straight stitch for the front edge and neck hems (small zig-zag for the neck edge to allow a bit of stretch). I left it un-hemmed at the bottom, which is what the pattern calls for, though I don't think they make it very clear.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I was attracted to the shape of the cardigan.

Fabric Used: Polyester knit

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Full bust adjustment, which added a side dart and I lengthened the top by an inch. But I might have added too much because the top doesn't fit as well as I hoped (despite a sample I made, though in a different fabric).

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I might make it again. I think it would make a nice over-garment for a sleeveless dress.

Conclusion: I hope I wear this, though it's a bit of a departure from my regular wardrobe.


  1. The colors look really good on you. I hope you DO wear it! We can be too picky sometimes .... Heather

  2. *I* think it looks terrific on you. The slight wrinkles won't be noticeable in general wearing. I actually have that issue of Burda...I didn't give that pattern more than a second glance when the issue originally arrived, but now I'm thinking maybe I should reconsider...

    1. Thank you, Lisa. You're right that the wrinkles won't be noticeable. People wear far worse in RTW!

  3. Wear it grocery shopping. Or any shopping. To the movies. Dinner. Walking down the street. Just wear it!

    1. Yes, yes, yes. Maybe I just wear it *with* my jeans and t-shirt uniform. :-)

  4. I think it looks lovely on you. I, certainly, would wear it, and I would wear it over jeans.