Friday, May 15, 2015

Just enough

Just enough fabric but one Olfa mat short

I had this crazy (or awesome, depending on your taste) animal print that I bought as a remnant and wanted to use for some pajama pants for my husband, who loves animals. The pattern pieces didn't quite fit until I thought to check the length of the last pair I made him from this pattern (Burda 12/2010 #134, without the fly). Hooray - they were at least an inch above the hem line so I feel safe in cutting these without the pattern hem allowance and hemming to fit the length he needs. I also thought about piecing the crotch (they're pajama pants, after all). I could maybe have also gotten away with cutting them a tiny bit off grain...again, pajama pants. But I got it to fit!

Now to the cutting. And yes, the fabric is prewashed. :-)

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