Monday, March 08, 2004

Act Your Age

Another week has gone by and no blogging - well sometimes you have to work and sometimes work requires you to stay late and come in early (blech). And sometimes you just have to play. While errand shopping this weekend we bought an Xbox on impulse and there went the weekend. So much for priming and painting the hall. Instead it was Halo and the Simpson's Road Rage on Saturday night and for a good bit of Sunday. It wasn't like we planned to spend the weekend doing this. It was an impulse buy but admittedly something we'd both thought about buying but hadn't talked about to each other. And why not buy an Xbox? It was fun asking the pubescent clerk at the Best Buy what his favorite Xbox game was. He didn't seem to be surprised that two adults, old enough to be his parents, were asking his advice on what to play. Maybe here in Silicon Valley it's not such an anomaly.

It wasn't a totally non-home improvement weekend, we did buy and install new doorknobs for the linen and furnace closets and for the door to the garage. And I did do some more swatching and cataloging of fabrics. The end is in sight. Really. I'm glad I'm doing this little exercise in organization. I now know that I have at least three cuts of navy blue lining ranging from three to five yards. I say "at least" because there's one box I know contains lining and I didn't swatch the contents. I just wrote a vague description on one card for the whole box - not very helpful but at the time I just needed to get it boxed up. Anyway, I don't need to buy any navy blue lining. Or white. Or black. Or many shades of brown, ecru... you get the picture.

I also dusted off my embroidery software this weekend. DH wants a shirt with a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk embroidered on it as if it is in his pocket. We got the inspiration from one of the hosts of "Screen Savers" on Tech TV (are we geeky, or what?) who was wearing such a shirt. I thought I had a ready-made design for this but don't and DH didn't like the one I could purchase that also had cables and pliers in the pocket. He said it looked like a fake pocket protector. I have the expensive software to digitize a clip art and some software that provides an obscene number of images so of course I should make my own. After spending a few hours futzing with the clip art to cut part of the disk off ('cause the rest is hidden by the pocket) and then more time to figure out how to use the digitizing software, I produced the fake floppy disk. I'll want to stitch out a test first and then go find the box I packed all the embroidery shirts in. Thankfully I labeled the box!

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