Thursday, March 18, 2004

No Willpower

I gave in. I couldn't resist the fabrics at emmaonesock. I bought two sweater knits (yes, I could have knit the yardage on my knitting machine, but that's asking too much right now):

photo photo

I'm thinking of making a long cardigan and shell out of the first and short sleeve hoodie out of the second.

And these soft polyester knits:

photo photo

The first fabric would make a great tshirt and the second would look great in as this, don't you think? Here's a better view of the fabric. I also bought some black stretch satin fabric to make the pants for that pattern.

I also bought half a dozen Kwik Sew patterns from wazoodle. They had a 25% off sale and even with postage from Canada, it's cheaper than buying them at full price. No, I don't need more patterns, but one of them is for the cardigan I want to make.

Now if I could just get some of the home improvement projects done so I could have some time to sew. At least when I watch TV I pull out my knitting. But it's hard to knit and play Xbox at the same time. We got a new game last night - college football. My Nittany lions didn't do so well...

The new kitty is now neutered and tested negative for the bad, contagious diseases, so we moved him to the hall bathroom. He was introduced to the others but greeted them with hisses and growls and wants to stay in the bathroom. The other kitties are just curious and also a little threatened I think. Abby is skulking around with a frizzed tail. Ella is behaving but is already asserting her dominance. She made point of using "his" litterbox, but thank goodness she used the box! Sergei is probably worried the newcomer will steal his food. I think Sergei actually growled at him but then I heard him doing his pathetic squealing/whimpering. He may be large, but he's a scaredy cat. I actually was able to pick him up last night but he wasn't in the mood for any snuggles. I should have brushed him - I was quickly covered in white hair.

We're having company this weekend, which will be interesting with the new kitten. Tonight we'll do a quick straightening and cleaning of the house and "tux" is going to have to be relocated from the bathroom, perhaps to the garage. I don't really want to force the cats to interact too soon. "Tux" needs to feel safe and the others need to know that "tux" isn't going to harm them. But the garage isn't an ideal place - too many dangerous things for him to get into. Plus, the other cats can't really smell or see him in there and vice versa. But maybe just for the weekend.

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