Monday, March 01, 2004

Weekends are too short

I spent a lot of time this weekend repacking stuff that's in our spare bedroom, aka the fabric room. I have just about all of my fabric swatched, cataloged, and stored away in plastic boxes. The last remaining fabric to go through is...big sigh...the first fabric I started stashing. At the time I naively thought a hanging closet organizer was all that I'd need for my fabric collection. I'm just going to measure the yardage, cut off a swatch, fill out my index cards and put the fabric back. It's happy in the closet organizer where it's been for the last six years. I'm hoping that by having all my swatches on cards, I can see the fabric I have and resist the temptation to buy more. Yeah, right.

I also went through my yarn stash, which is thankfully much, much smaller! I do have about a half dozen large cones of thin yarn that I purchased from Stitches a few years back or from a store that was going out of business. Why is it that when a store is quitting business or having a huge sale, we suddenly feel that we NEED the item(s). I remember when Service Merchandise went out of business and they were selling the display items, most of which were either chipped, cracked or only part of a set. People were buying them! Anyway, I have enough cone yarn to make quite a few sweaters. It'd be great if I could get my knitting machine up and running. Ah yes, the knitting machine. I purchased it off eBay a few years ago. It's a Brother punch card - I can't remember the model. The case arrived a bit dented (it's heavy!!) but I learned the basic and tried it out and the machine works. And then it went under the bed where most knitting machines live. I really do need to get it out again. I have tapes and books to help me learn how to use it and being a stubborn engineer, I know I'm smart enough to figure it out.

My hand knitting stash has some nice yarns in it and I'd like to get back into knitting. I should knit while I watch TV since I do a lot of TV-watching. I didn't watch the Academy Awards last night though. I did watch a dumb movie - "Phonebooth." Waste of time...

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