Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holiday weekends are too short

I always look forward to those 3-day holiday weekends but just like vacations they end too quickly. But the problem with holiday weekends is that somehow I think I will accomplish far more than on a regular weekend. With an extra day off I expect to make great strides on home improvement projects, housecleaning, gardening, sewing...etc. And I want to thoroughly enjoy the holiday being celebrated too. Yeah, right.

On Saturday I ran errands and traced off a Burda pattern for some pants but it was too hot to do much else. While waiting for the sun to go down (and the temperature to drop by 25 degrees) I sat in front of a fan and flipped through my Burda magazines. But once it was dark it was easier to join my husband on the couch with a glass of wine and a backlog of movies on the DVR. Sunday was much of the same but I did at least cut out the fabric for my pants. By Monday I was determined to accomplish something more deserving of a holiday weekend, so we went hiking in nearby Mount Madonna. It was gloriously cool among the giant redwoods and we got a good workout hiking the trails. The park was quite empty except for the group picnic sites, which were full of July 4th family cookouts. We did not have a July 4th cookout, which was ok. Instead we had a "quiet" evening at home listening to far-off firework displays and some too close illegal ones in our neighborhood.

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