Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Weekly update

I thought I should at least post to keep to my average 1/week posting.

I've been sewing but haven't taken any pictures so I'm not ready to post about it. I'll just say that I finished my Burda pants and have moved on to a Kwik Sew skirt.

I am looking forward to this Saturday - I'm going to a sewing guild workshop on determining my personal styles and color with Fred Bloebaum and Marjory DeRoeck. Fred (who's a woman - with a man's name) is a clothing pattern designer and Marjory is a personal image consultant. I'll get to have personal sessions with each to determine the best styles for my body shape and the best colors to flatter my coloring. Should be informative and fun. I hardly ever go to sewing guild meetings because the neighborhood groups all meet in the day during the week - so much for trying to get younger women interested in the guild. The chapter meetings are held on Saturdays but they usually conflict with skating. However, we've decided to take a break from skating this summer to enjoy doing other things on the weekends, like going to style and color workshops...or just plain sleeping in.

After the workshop I think I'll head over to Yarn Dogs where they're having a trunk show on Manos del Uruguay. I bought some of this at the Knitters show last March so I'm hoping they'll have some good patterns at the store.

I haven't been knitting since my trip. I haven't even looked at the sweater I was working on because I'm afraid. I'm afraid my gauge is wrong and the sweater will be too big and I'll run out of yarn before it's finished. Maybe I should have stuck to scarves and hats. Even my attempt at knitting socks failed (one sock and it's too big). No, no, no. It's good to challenge myself. I've read where some knitters favor knitting garments over sewing because if it doesn't fit or look right on you, you can rip and start over. But as a sewer I like being able to make a muslin or at least pin the pattern to see if the item will fit before I start. I don't like spending all that time knitting and then find out it doesn't fit. Yes, I know about gauge. I made a lot of swatches before I started the sweater and I thought I had it right. I also will be bummed to rip all the stitching I did, since it reminds me of my trip. Oh well. Either that or I end up with a too-large, unfinished add to my collection of other UFOs. Yikes.

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