Friday, July 22, 2005


I found the Vogue pattern I wanted last night. Hancocks has a 75% off sale on Vogue patterns right now. I was prepared to drive a few more miles to another Hancocks in hopes that they had it in stock but first I re-checked the store that is only a mile or so from my house and yipee, they had it! I picked up the buttons for the dress...and later discovered already had the exact same ones at home. I will probably use them on another project so I'll keep them. $2.10 for buttons isn't worth the trip back to return them - even if the store is nearby.

Went to exchange something at Costco and realized I didn't have my card with me. Doh!

But the evening was young so I headed to the mall where Macy's once again disappointed me. The shoe department was woefully understaffed and there as no way I was going to get any help, so Macys? You lose. I went to Kohls instead. I really wanted a pair of Keds canvas sneakers or slip-ons because they'd look great with my cropped pants and well, I can always use another pair of shoes, right? It is quite funny to me that 30 years ago I would not have been caught dead in girl's sneakers and thumbed my nose at the Keds-like sneakers. Ah, but now that look is retro, so it's different. Anyway, I wanted a pair of the canvas ones, but unfortunately they just didn't fit. The arch was too far forward. I didn't want to believe this and even tried on every one in my size. Nope. But just as I was about to give up, I saw a different version of Keds in a microfiber instead of canvas. Not exactly what I came for but I like them. Mine are a khaki color. And they were on sale.

All in all, a good shopping evening.

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