Friday, May 16, 2008


Three French sewing magazines are (hopefully) on their way. I just navigated my way around and ordered these:

I'm most intrigued about the one on the top left, Idees Broderie & Couture, because I've never seen this magazine before. Searching on the internet, I've learned that it has both knitting and sewing patterns and I recognize the multi-size patterns peeking out in the top of the picture so it at least has some sewing. It looks interesting. The other two, Fait Main and Diana Couture, are ones I'm familiar with, having picked up previous issues during trips to France. Despite the high exchange rate and shipping costs, it wasn't too bad to buy them online...about $40 total. Cheaper than an airline ticket to France, although I wouldn't mind paying for a ticket at all if I had the time off right now to go. Well, actually I probably would balk a bit because airfare is so high right now. C'est la vie!

I was pleased with myself that I could (mostly) navigate the journeaux site without getting help from And now that I found a dictionary to translate French textile terms, I'm all set for when my magazines (hopefully) arrive in the mail.

*that's in French, in case you thought I forgot to add the "k"!


  1. OOOh, you're getting that new magazine that they were talking about on PR that's made by Burda! I can't wait to see what you make from your new magazines.

  2. I have never seen these magazines, Oh my

  3. Cool! I bet you're going to have a blast with those magazines! And that's really great that you found a dictionary to translate French textile terms - I need something like that for Spanish. I guess it's time to hit google with some new search terms... ;)
    Have fun!

  4. Hi Lori,
    I am going to France this summer in August. Drop me a line and let me know the magazines that you'd like me to buy. It would be a pleasure to get them for you.